credit card problems


Solving Credit Problems - Managing Debt in Hard Times

Three years of a bad economy have led to emotional trauma for many families.  We can live on less - but we can't live on nothing.  We can pay our debts and monthly credit card bills but not if we lose our job and income.  We can do without many things - but it's much harder if our children must do wtihout, too.

Three years of a bad economy and high unemployment has left usic frustrated and frightened.  Lenders who won't lend money cause small businesses to fail across the country.  Foreclosures keep rising and credit cards are so easy to use that many of us have caused ourselves more problems. We read about it in the paper - see it on the news.  When it affect you - and your family - and your financial stability - it becomes all too real.

The message from consumers is simple -

"Enough - I'm tired!"

My message to you is

"You CAN do this - you CAN get by on less - you CAN budget - you CAN solve your debt"

Don't let the frustration and anger tarnish the quality of your life.  We can live with less stuff - finding bargains can be family treasure hunts.  Our children will know more about money, budgets and debt management than we did and hopefully will learn to live without crushing credit card debt.

Don't be a victim - learn to stretch your money till it sings.  Explore pawn shops (great deals there on electronic, musical and sports equipment), learn to like resale shops and thrift stores.  Have each family member think up five free and entertaining things to do on weekends and then do them.

Frugal is cool today -pot luck suppers can work even for gourmet cooks and bring-your-own-meat barbecues are fun in any neighborhood.  Don't let the economy get you down.  If you can't get a job, look for other ways to earn income.  Put your ego in a drawer for later and do whatever you have to do to get through the hard times.  Don't put off your life until things get better - live every day to the fullest without spending money on everything you do.

If you are drowning in credit card debt, do something about it.  There are ways to negotiate lower payments, to settle for a lesser amount so don't be afraid to tell banks "I can't pay right now".  Credit problems happen to us all at times.  Today, there are so many people struggling on heavy debt loads you are only one of many with the same problem.

Solving credit problems involves paying your debt, paying part of your debt, or not paying your debt.  Yes, there are consequences but sometimes it's not as bad as you imagine.  No matter what you have to do to get rid of credit card debt and predatory loans - the relief once they are gone will make you 100 pounds lighter.