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Bad Credit?  You can still get a cell phone!

If you have a bad credit rating you might think it’s impossible for you to obtain a new phone contract such as for a cell phone.  In some cases this is true, but more  there are several options you can explore for a getting a phone contract even if your credit is less than stellar.(continued below)

First, you will want to check with the cell phone company and have them run your credit.  If you do have bad credit, they will most often come back and tell you that in order to get a phone contract; you will have to put down a deposit on the contract.  This shows good faith in that you are promising to pay the bill and if you don’t, you forfeit your deposit.  I’ve seen phone contract deposits as high as $1,000 depending on how bad the person’s credit is.  Most likely, it will be in the neighborhood of about $300, but be prepared.

The company may also offer you a pre-paid cell phone that is a month to month contract.  These plans are made especially for people with a bad credit rating and getting a cell phone contract like this can actually help to raise your credit rating if you make on-time payments and don’t get the phone cut off.

A third option in getting a cell phone with a bad credit rating doesn’t even involve a contract.  You can buy a phone at almost any retail outfit such as K-Mart, Wal-Mart, or Radio Shack.  Phones like this require you to also purchase minutes for the phone in order to use it.  If you run out of minutes, you just purchase more.  These phones work much like regular cell phones, but they may have restrictions such as with roaming and long distance, so you’ll want to thoroughly check out the options before you buy.

Our world is filled with cell phones today, so for many people, getting a cell phone contract with a bad credit rating can be a real headache.  The landline phone is quickly going the way of the dinosaur as more people turn to the convenience of cell phones for their communication needs.  When you have a bad credit rating, getting a cell phone contract is more difficult than for people who have better credit ratings, but getting one can be done.  You just have to take unconventional routes and try just a little bit harder.