credit card problems



Co-Sign Loan Danger
A friend, who has had some problems with their own credit, wants to buy a new car, or perhaps some furniture for their apartment.  The problem is that they don’t have the cash do it, and because of their poor credit report, can’t get the approval that they need.

Mortgage Crisis
The recent mortgage crisis is attributed to lenders who made risky adjustable rate mortgages and buyers who stretched their financing capability to purchase homes above their means.  Truth is, the problem has now ...

Home Mortgage Qualifiers
Before you apply for a home loan, learn exactly what it is lenders want to know about you.  Credit history is only part of the equation...

Refinance Auto Loan
It is no wonder that auto loan refinancing has suddenly become a hot topic of conversation.  Record low interest rates ...

Second Mortgage Loan
A second mortgage is a loan that you take against the equity that you have already built into your home by paying off some of the principal balance on your first mortgage loan.