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  • Solving Credit Problems

    Foreclosure crisis leads to freeze on foreclosures and confused homeowners.

    • Foreclosure Freeze

    • FBI Looks At Foreclosure Mistakes
      Fraudulent foreclosures by lenders who don't seem to know WHO owns a loan in question - the FBI may decide to investigate big banks.

    • Foreclosure Fraud by Lenders
      Following the freeze on foreclosures by Bank of America, perhaps the question that should be asked is why it took so long for someone in charge to notice discrepancies.

    • Foreclosure - States Vs the Feds
      Continued increases in the number of foreclosure actions and questions about the methods being used by banks to reclaim property are likely to force home values even lower and further damage the housing market in the US for years to come.

    • Foreclosure Numbers Rising
      foreclosures today are due to job loss, underemployment and other problems that are a directed result of a failing economy. These are not high interest or risky loans ...

    • Home Sales Down
      The sudden, severe drop in home loan applications is troubling.

    • Housing Predictions
      The foreclosures occurring today are not usually for homes purchased with risking subprime loans and adjustable rate mortgages. Instead, the current foreclosures are driven by

    Repair your credit, bankruptcy, loans, bad credit, credit ratings and predatory lenders

  • Bankruptcy
    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy are designed as safety nets for those facing financial disaster.

    • Filing Bankruptcy
      Is filing bankruptcy what you should do to eliminate the huge load of debt you are carrying?

    • Bankruptcy Alternatives
      Is there a bankruptcy alternative?

    • Personal Bankruptcy
      Personal Bankruptcy is a question that haunts a great many consumers today.

    • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
      Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a total elimination of the debts.

    • Bankruptcy Exemptions
      Bankruptcy exemptions are extremely important when filing for financial insolvency and you must understand what the term means.

    • Dump Your Credit Card Debt
      Reducing credit limits for consumers is the first of a one-two punch being broadly applied by large credit card issuers. The reduced credit limit is quickly followed by a huge increase in...

  • Obama Mortgage Bailout Calculator
    Obama mortgage bailout calculator designed by Jim Kramer - see if you qualify for refinance or loan modification

  • Your 401k Retirement
    The profit track record of 401k plans is unimpressive. How did they get so popular? A large factor was the huge joy ride of profits Wall Street enjoyed throughout the 1990's.

    • 401k Cash Cow for Wall Street
      As the popularity of the new 401k plan grew, many employers greatly reduced or totally dropped their own pension plans. Instead of becoming a supplemental savings plan for tax deferral, 401k's were now the only retirement plan that might be offered.

  • Obama MortgaGe Bailout
    The bottom line is we seem to have a mortgage modification program designed to help homeowners that will take time to sort out and apply. Not good news for those struggling monthly to keep their homes.

    Debt and foreclosure have become buzzwords of the eocnomy.

  • Debt
    There are different types of loans, and it’s important to know what which type you have. You will need to understand the differences in order to be a good money manager

    • Secured vs Unsecured Debt
      Secured debt is a loan that has something attached of value attached to it—this is called collateral. The most common examples are car loans and mortgages.

    • Consolidate Debt
      a decision to consolidate debt online may be the solution but before you make your decision or offer detailed personal information to debt consolidation companies

    • Mortgage Application
      When you apply for a mortgage loan Lenders will dig into your financial life, and you must be prepared to...

  • Credit Cards
    Use of credit cards is common for all but credit card costs and credit card bad debt is often not understood.

    A bad economy affects personal finances, family budgets and family dynamics

    • Bank Fee Overpayments
      Larger banks have been raising service fees drastically in the past couple of months across the board. Larger fees for various checking account transactions have been accompanied by predatory actions toward those who also have credit cards with them.

    • Bad Economy = Lower Divorce Rate
      In a bad economic climate of rising unemployment divorce may cripple both partners for years

    • Living Within Your Means
      In a bad economy, you see the advice everywhere you look - "live within your means". What are your "means"?

    • Debts Impact On Children
      If your own personal finances are a mess, if you are constantly stressed about money - you are shaping your child's view of the importance of money.

  • Debt Solutions
    70 percent of all Americans live week to week and don’t have a savings account.

    • Budgets That Work
      if you make a true commitment to yourself that you will create a workable budget, and then stick to it, you could find yourself living with a lot less financial stress

    • Budget Priorities
      If your budget shows you have more expenses than income, there are many ways to get out of trouble

    • Business Profit
      Even small savings add to big profits for your small business venture.

    • Marriage and Money
      Getting married doesn't have to break the bank - and staying married means financial discussions...

  • Credit Rating
    Sample credit report, common credit mistakes

    • Credit Rating Facts
      The credit rating is a snapshot of everything you’ve ever done regarding the use of credit and your payment history.

    • Identity Theft
      credit identity thieves have figured out that one of the best ways to find financial information is look through people’s trash

    • Checking Account and Credit
      A checking account can affect your credit rating. Bad checks appear on your credit report...

    • Credit Score Mistakes
      Most common credit mistakes that affect credit rating

    • Get Credit Reports
      provide the credit reporting agencies with your full legal name, your current address, as well as your last (if you’ve been at your current one for less than five years), your date of birth, social security number and a signature

    • Credit Report Sample
      sample credit report page - how to read a credit report

  • Credit Repair
    You can repair credit yourself or use credit counseling. Scams are rampant in this area...

    • Credit Repair Scams
      These credit repair companies simply vanish because they can't fix your credit report as promised.

    • Credit Repair Tips
      You can repair credit on your own or hire a counseling service to help you raise your credit rating.

    • Face Credit Problems
      anything that disrupts our ability to earn a living or to keep to our budgets can cause havoc on our credit reports

    • Credit Dispute Letter
      Sample credit dispute letter to repair credit

    • Credit Counseling
      Reputable credit counseling services have some criteria you must fulfill

    • Credit Repair Schemes
      Some supposed credit cards offer to help people rebuild a bad credit history by making purchases from their catalogs...

  • Mortgages
    Sub-prime home loans were the start of the foreclosure crisis...but the credit problems continue to grow - causing more foreclosures.

    • Predatory Mortgage Lenders
      Credit problems can happen to anyone and there few of us haven't felt that pinch between what we need and what we are able to pay for at some time in our lives.

    • Adjustable Rate Mortgage
      Adjustable rate mortgages gained popularity in the high interest loan market of the 1980's. With rates as high as 16% quoted

    • Online Mortgage
      Online mortgage lending appears to be the way of the future

  • Loans
    Mortgage loans, credit cards, personal or auto loans - all require a good credit rating

    • Co-Sign Danger
      Before you co-sign that loan, there are some things you should know.

    • Mortgage Loan Crisis
      The recent mortgage crisis is attributed to lenders who made risky adjustable rate mortgages and buyers who stretched their financing capability to purchase homes above their means.

    • Qualify for Mortgage
      What qualifies you for a home mortgage loan? Find out...

    • Auto Loan Refinance
      Perhaps auto refinancing will save on those monthly bills. Can you qualify - should you?

    • Second Mortgage Facts

  • Bad Credit
    Even if bad credit is a problem, you can find solutions.

    • Bouncing Checks
      Writing a bad check is a crime in every state. Each state has different civil and criminal penalties - and bounced checks hurt your credit.

    • Car Repossessed
      If you car is repossessed, the lender may sell it for less than book value and sue you for the rest of the loan.

    • Debt Settlement
      debt settlement is often considered before the more extreme step of filing for bankruptcy

    • Bad Credit Mortgage
      Bad credit mortgage lenders lead many individuals into wrong direction on handling their money.

    • Bad Credit Cell Phone
      If you have a bad credit rating you might think it’s impossible for you to obtain a new phone contract such as for a cell phone.

  • Cash for Clunkers
    Cash for clunkers is busted and not paying the bills due.

  • Mortgage Calculator
    mortggage payment calculator

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