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Budgets and Debt Solutions

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Personal Bankruptcy - Consumer debt  is now at the highest level that it has ever been ...

Bankruptcy Alternatives - Look at other possible solutions to your financial problems before filing

Gas and Department Store Credit Cards -Interest may be high but they are reported to credit bureaus

Credit Card Costs - Do you know what your credit card is truly costing you? 

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Common Credit Mistakes - The three most common mistakes consumers make when dealing with credit.

Get Credit Reports - Here's how to get your credit reports.  The free ones might not tell you all you need to know.

Sample Credit Report - View a sample credit report page to learn what the reports say and how they say it.

Credit Repair Scams - Some phony credit repair services will advise you to dispute all information in your ...

Credit Repair Tips - The Federal Trade Commission provides tips for choosing a credit counseling agency

Credit Rating Facts - FICO compiles a snapshot of everything you've done using credit and your payment history

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Credit Dispute Letter - Use this letter as an example of one you would use to dispute wrong information ...

Credit Counseling - Reputable credit counseling services have some criteria you must fulfill to qualify.

Credit Repair Schemes - Some credit card options are schemes to take advantage of desperate consumers.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages - Rates that begin far below market rates led to the subprime crisis.

Get a Mortage Online - Make sure you know the ins and outs prior to submitting your personal information.

Secured vs Unsecured Debt - Knowing the types of loans available helps you manage your debt safely.

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