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Debt Free In 3

Many of us realize that carrying heavy credit card, auto or personal loan debt is dangerous in this worsening economy.  What do you do?  Most of us keep make all those monthly payments and try not to think about how many years it will take to pay off the debt.  We worry that if our job is lost or there's an emergency, we won't be able to live as we have.  Loans are harder to get now and even a great credit rating may not get the loan you need if you have excessive debt.

Filing for bankruptcy can destroy your credit for 7-10 years.  Though there are ways to repair credit after bankruptcy, they take time and effort.  If you have the option, a better path is to find a way to pay off that mountain of debt dragging you down. 

The Debt Free in 3 System is a four step process with an author who claims "Everything you know is wrong" (about debt, that is).  The method outlined in this ebook (downloadable) is designed to pay off your debt in 3-5 years or LESS.  The customer testimonials are impressive and the claim is that 97% of those using this method are successful in paying of their debt quickly.

What I liked about this method is that it doesn't bruise your ethics or your lifestyle.  The author doesn't tell you tricks to get out of paying bills you owe or to file for personal bankruptcy to avoid payment.  He has developed a method that will work for car loans, credit cards, etc and enable people to pay off debt quickly.  There's even a plan for paying off your home mortgage quickly.

I wish this book had been available a few years ago when I was carrying a debt load that felt like a frieght train!  The years it took to pay off that debt would have been reduced and the process much easier to bear.  Oh well.   If you are paying monthly on debt and feel like you'll never reach the end, you might want to check out the "debt free in 3" and make your life easier.

This is a downloadable book (no shipping costs) and the author has included some excellent bonuses to help take charge your personal finances. 

Even if your bills right now are more than your income, there a plan of action for you.  There are many "debt reduction" products advertised these days and the Snowball Method I used still gets a lot of attention (but also took a LOT of self discipline - not easy).  This one makes sense to me so I'm recommending it.

If you are drowning in debt, this book is one you should read and heed.  No risk to it as there is a full money back guarantee.  With a floundering economy that threatens to get worse in the next year or two, reducing or eliminating your debt load is a high priority item.

Debt Free in 3