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Foreclosure Freeze - Sloppy Banks or Foreclosure Fraud?

  • Foreclosure Freeze
  • FBI Looks At Foreclosure Mistakes
    Fraudulent foreclosures by lenders who don't seem to know WHO owns a loan in question - the FBI may decide to investigate big banks.

  • Foreclosure Fraud by Lenders
    Following the freeze on foreclosures by Bank of America, perhaps the question that should be asked is why it took so long for someone in charge to notice discrepancies.

  • Foreclosure - States Vs the Feds
    Continued increases in the number of foreclosure actions and questions about the methods being used by banks to reclaim property are likely to force home values even lower and further damage the housing market in the US for years to come.

  • Foreclosure Numbers Rising
    foreclosures today are due to job loss, underemployment and other problems that are a directed result of a failing economy. These are not high interest or risky loans ...

  • Home Sales Down
    The sudden, severe drop in home loan applications is troubling.

  • Housing Predictions
    The foreclosures occurring today are not usually for homes purchased with risking subprime loans and adjustable rate mortgages. Instead, the current foreclosures are driven by