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How to Survive Foreclosure

The Foreclosure Survival Guide: Keep Your House or Walk Away With Money in Your Pocket is a timely - and surprisingly good book - at the right time.  Written for homeowners, this is one of very few books written for debtors (as in "real people") rather than for legal eagles or investors.

Sadly, many families who have received one or more notices of foreclosure are in denial.  They dream of coming up with the money they need, they hope "something" will save them, they wait for a miracle....yet they do nothing.  You know if you are making the payment on your house - or not. Do you know at what point lenders file for foreclosure?  Do you understand the timeline and how the process works?  Thousands of homeowners are hitting the harsh wall of reality this year.  The majority of them never thought foreclosure would become part of their reality. 

Smart homeowners know it's best to be prepared in case the worst happens.  If your job disappears next month, will you be receiving foreclosure notices five months from now? Do you know what to do if that happens?  One of the best sections in this survival guide explains how to recognize and avoid scams that prey on desperate homeowners.  These scams have exploded with the avalanche of foreclosure in the past year and homeowners have not only lost their homes but lost thousands of dollars to these scams as well.

If you are facing foreclosure now you need the information in this book.   Can you save your home?   Can you delay foreclosure for months to give yourself time to find the money to bring payments up to date?  In truth, the best time to learn what to do if facing foreclosure is before you recieve that first notice from your lender.  Know what steps to take if your job is lost or a medical emergency causes a financial crisis.

This book tells you what your rights are and what you can to to prevent, delay or survive the financial turmoil of foreclosure in terms real peple can understand.  The glossary of legal terms explained will help if you have to meet with your lender or foreclosure attorney.  A worksheet helps you decide if fighting foreclosure, or allowing it to proceed, is the best path for you to take.

Each State has different foreclosure rules - did you know that?  I didn't!  The State laws on both foreclosure and bankruptcy vary widely from state to state and dictate what options you have.  The comparison of State foreclosure laws in this book is an eye opener.

The Foreclosure Survival Guide covers how to dispute your foreclosure, whether bankruptcy should be considered, how to negotiate with lenders and the possibility of selling your property.  It covers the topics without useless detail and, surprisingly, is interesting to read. 

The book is not perfect and won't replace hiring a good attorney if your foreclosure goes to court but it's the best source of practical information and resources I've seen on the subject.  Because it's published by Nolo Press, updates keep this Guide current with new laws.

The Foreclosure Survival Guide: Keep Your House or Walk Away With Money in Your Pocket