credit card problems


SCP Reviews

As the economic condition worsened in 2008, con artists were busy.  From credit cards to bankruptcy and foreclosure advice, useless products were launched.  Scammers have stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from people desperate to fix their credit, save their home or get a loan.

Enough already!

At SCP, we are reviewing many of these products.  We'll tell you about the good ones, the honest ones, here.  When your finances are shaky, the last you should have to face is someone out to sell useless or harmful information or products to you. 

We often feel we're too smart to fall for scams, but some of these unethical sellers are ery good at what they do.  They tell you what you want to hear and make you believe they have a financial magic wand.

We'll continue to add good, honest products as we find them and may even alert you to some of scams making the rounds - so keep an eye on SCP Reviews.