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Bad Economy Lowers Divorce Rate

The decrease in divorce currently reported may be the silver lining in a bad economy.  In a two income family, the financial aspects of divorce may be bruising - in a climate of rising unemployment divorce may cripple both partners for years.  Taking the divorce option off the table is a necessary step for many middle class couples.


Credit Cards - Living Within Your "Means"

If you think of your credit lines as part of your "means" you need to rethink and possibly rework your budget.   Current practices of the large credit card lenders don't encourage consumer confidence and don't provide any security for customers.  If you are buying or paying bills with a credit card, you are getting services without the "pay now" associated with budgets.


Is Your Bad Debt Hurting Your Child?

Parents facing late credit card payments, bankruptcy or foreclosure are frightened and anxious.  Their children feel the anxiety and fear without understanding the cause.  In trying to protect their child,....